a detour

by julie posted July 15, 2013

I just wrote a bit of a spiel to go with these photos I took out in Howth a couple of weekends ago, about eating fish & chips and lovely light and texture and feeling like we were on holiday. And when I went to post it live, it got eaten by the internet and I’m not writing it again! So, here are the pictures that hopefully say more than my ramblings ever would anyway ;)

I’ve had a thing for tiny-boat-big-sea photos as long as I’ve had a camera. Nice to indulge it now and again ;)

6 Responses to a detour

  1. Well, they are beautiful. I’m particularly found of the flowers and the boat. Also, love the last one. Is that a wee sailboat off on the horizon?

    • Thanks Paul :) I wished I had something longer than the 50mm for the shot with the teeny boat but you guessed right anyway!

  2. For a holiday that was but a wee one, you’ve taken a lot of photos. I really need to take more photos. Anyway, thanks for taking us along for the ride Julie.

    • Ah no I took these at a place just outside Dublin, I’m all done with the holiday pics now!

  3. Such evocative images – really beautiful.

  4. Fantastic shots! I love the reflection of the boats on the water..

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