beautiful horizons

by julie posted January 1, 2013

I’ve only been to the spot where you get this view a handful of times, but I go there in my imagination quite often!

It’s a beautiful place where you can breathe the freshest air and stare out into the vastness of the ocean and forget about alarm clocks and deadlines and emails…


The last time we visited the place seemed to be extra busy with photographers, so I got one of them to take a shot of us with my SX70 and it’s a lovely thing to have as a momento of the day we got engaged :)

I hope it’s not too long before we’re back. I’m so ready for winter to be over, for sunshine and longer days and for all the adventures we can have this year!


4 Responses to beautiful horizons

  1. Breathtaking!

  2. I wish for longer days too, by now…but that was not want I wanted to write. The last polaroid, such a sweet, sun-washed and forever beautiful memory. So lovely!

  3. Beautiful shots, it looks so peaceful.
    Such a lovely thing to have a momento of! Whenever I’m anywhere interesting I’m often too busy snapping away to remember to ask someone to take our pic. Love the SX-70 shot, and congrats again :)

  4. Such beautiful pictures and such a lovely memento. Congratulations guys :)

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