3178 miles part iix: roaming the roman ruins

by julie posted October 24, 2012

Susa was another stop in Italy, and another pleasant surprise. Still touristy to a certain extent but obviously far further off the beaten track than Sirmione, the town centre was a little bit run down but the really good stuff was off up little streets.

We followed signs for an ampitheatre, not know what kind of state it would be in, but it was actually fairly intact and we amused ourselves quoting from Monty Python. I suspect the other visitors hadn’t seen it, and wondered who Roger might be…

I think it was my first time seeing a fig tree. I’m very easily amused by things growing. Including some kind of squash which was making a bid for freedom over the garden wall :)

Back towards town, and as you look beyond the streets you remember that you’re not far from the mountains again:

Most of the buildings seemed to have various balconies, some with lots and lots of flower pots. Pretty!

More buildings that looked like a scene from something I saw Ryan playing on the xBox…

And a quality bit of door. Squinty, in the best way :)

Some time to kill before dinner, and we found the loveliest wee cafe with walls lined with sweets. I don’t have a photo, sorry. But I did take a picture of the beautiful cup, so that’ll have to do.

I couldn’t come home without trying some of the various biscuits we saw in the shops. These people know how to to bread and biscuits.

I would also like that huge jar of Nutella but it wouldn’t fit on the bike :(

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