3178 miles: bonus polaroid

by julie posted September 6, 2012

I got some polaroid ‘Impossible Project‘ film for my birthday (best boyfriend EVAR) and decided to save it for our trip.

I had used a couple of shots in Bruges already but I was having issues with it coming out overexposed, and basically sepia – mostly because of the heat and the bright sunlight (and the fact that I wasn’t shading the photos straight out of the camera but more on that later).

When we stopped at this little spot I couldn’t help but have another go, and this one came out that bit better and even has some colour in it! I think this is one of the shots that shows how polaroids have a bit of magic to them, even when they don’t work out as you expected…

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  1. Hooray!! Polaroid. It’s revived my love of photography. You’re right, they’re so magical, and I love your shot above. Here is a good tip I found on shading: http://www.flickr.com/photos/31166167@N07/4477241786/

  2. That’s fab, thank you! I found it very fiddly trying to get the bit of card to stay in there and not be in the way of the lens, because I was trying to put it in the wrong place, doh…

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