a damp weekend

by julie posted June 22, 2012



Dublin might be close to the coast but you have to travel a bit to find a decent beach. It’s always a treat to go down to Cork and visit these little coves that seem to be dotted all along the southern coastline. And at this time of year, it’s where I also find those pink flowers that remind me of wandering amongst the dunes when I was wee – I think I used to pick bunches and bring them home to my mum…

While Ryan was off doing his filming thing, I found a lovely perch to sit and watch the sea for a while.

IMG_4491 dip

I was fascinated by watching out for that moment when the waves form, before the top curls over on itself, and you can see the beautiful greeny blue colours of the water.


I know someone who just bought yarn in exactly that colour :)

We left our perch and went down for a stroll beside the water. Well, I had intended to be beside the water. Ryan assured me we could make it along the path, then watched (and presumably nearly died laughing) while I got a soggy surprise and made a noise that frightened the nearby surfers.


The tide was coming in, rather than going out, it seems. Ah well. I made the most of my position with another shot of the waves, from a lower viewpoint :)


Luckily we were on probably the only beach in Ireland with a half decent coffee van, so I had a cappuccino to warm me up. My trainers dried out a few days later…

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  1. The first image….that’s what I long for, no matter the weather. Sounds like a great trip, despite the slight humidity.

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