by julie posted July 4, 2012

I am delighted to introduce you to a Very Special Bunny: this is Sir Gawain who was rescued by the DSPCA and adopted by my friends. When he first came home with them he put them (and the rest of us) through some amount of worry with multiple trips back in to the see the V.E.T. but happily he is now eating raisins, chewing handbags and causing havoc, but above all, being all kinds of cute and fluffy.

The twitchy nose… aaaahhhhhh… I don’t need to tell you I want one, cos you know that already.

6 Responses to squeeeeeee

  1. Sir Gawain is indeed a rather Arthurian-looking rabbit.

  2. The bun of the moment is currently basking in all the adoration ;)

    You captured him so well- I will treasure these photos!

  3. ah gwan, he deserves a raisin or two ;)

  4. oh my, the topmost picture, so adorable I could die…. :)

  5. Oh good gosh, will have to cuteify doglet up a few notches should she visit. Squeee isn’t the half of it..

  6. Awwwwww. So perfectly cuddly! :D

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