wwkip day 2012

by julie posted June 9, 2012

It’s June! That means we’re going to sacrifice jam donuts to the weather gods and dust off our picnic blankets, because Saturday 16th is Worldwide Knit (and crochet!) In Public day! Wooooo! I’ve made it to two of these so far in my time as a knitter and it’s just fantastic, getting out there and showing people what we do.  You can take a look at some photos from WWKIP day 2010 here, and if you think it looks like fun and want to join in, we’ll see you on the green next saturday!

p.s. Don’t you love the bag? I got it on etsy fromJune Craft who also sells the illustration as a print in a few different colours. I think it’s fantastic :)

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  1. Hey! Love the look of the new blog :) Looking forward to next Saturday too!

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