the magic of sunshine

by julie posted May 30, 2012


It doesn’t take long before we’re moaning about being hot & sticky and generally not being equipped to deal with the heat, but there’s something that stays with you about those beautiful sunny days. This gorgeous light was filtering through the tangle of leaves and branches on Garnish Island, what a perfect day that was to explore the walled gardens, “Happy Valley” and enjoy an ice cream at the cafe before the boat ride back to the mainland. I think this photo actually appears in my 2010 SoFoBoMo pdf which you can find here, if you want a wee look.

I’m hoping we might even get back out there when we head to Cork for the long weekend, if the sunshine decides to make an appearance.

3 Responses to the magic of sunshine

  1. sigh… this is beautiful and somehow very very peaceful to stare at.

  2. I promise, I won’t moan, just give me some of that heat and light…. We have had winter here, the last week.

    This is a lovely, dreamy image…

  3. t’would be wonderful if the summer could be like this photo: soft filtered light and a silky breeze

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