the handspinner having fun

by julie posted May 25, 2012

I mentioned in my scotland posts that this place would get a post all to itself. I spent more time taking photos than choosing what to buy. It’s a tiny place, but everywhere you look there are skeins hanging around, waiting to be brought home.

I took the dark grey, 4th in from the right :)

Those are bundles that’ll do a jumper each. Maybe next time…

The cones were a bit big for the bike box too :/

As well as the yarn, there were pre-knitted garments, it was really nice to see how the different colours knitted up. I was proud of myself for resisting buying some of those buttons, but now I kind of regret it.

All that seed stitch, I’d go crazy if I tried to do that!

I thought of a particular friend when I saw these  woven scarves :)

Isn’t that a lovely thing to see? I’m sure it’s worth picking out the bits when you’re winding it ;) It’s nice that I can think back to our trip when I’m knitting up the stuff I bought, probably on a miserable, wet, cold winter’s day.

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful trip. It was good that you were able to rescue a skein and bring it home with you. :) Probably, had you had a car, you could have seen your way to bringing more home with you. :)

  2. Such lovely photographs!

  3. must be some sort of paradise for you. the top photo made me smile…. a whole lot of ent faces looking up at the light (and down at the following pics )

  4. I’m Bev Scholefield and I bought The Handspinner Having Fun when Teo and Tony retired in November 2013.

    Rest assured, the shop will continue to sell the most fantastic range of hand spun and hand dyed yarns. There’s quite a bit of work to do at the shop but I’ll be open for the 2014 season from April.

    Looking forward to seeing you sometime in the future.

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