adding another to the pile

by julie posted August 10, 2010

I can’t find anything claiming to be 100% pure fact, but rumour has it that Eilean Donan is the most photographed castle in Scotland, and possibly even the world. And can you blame it? How picturesque (as long as you don’t have to stand and wait for a tourist wearing a ridiculously bright coloured jacket to get out of the frame), well worth a stop on the road out to Skye. I do have a confession to make about this shot though, i had to crop fairly heavily as the original is stupidly crooked. Wouldn’t want an army of critiquers bearing down on me now, would I?

4 Responses to adding another to the pile

  1. This is so, so, so pretty.. I've seen lots of 'versions' of this but this is so beautifully atmospheric

  2. Just like a Turner watercolour. Beautiful!

  3. Just wonderful, I can see why it's photographed so regularly :) I love how it looks so dreamy here, is that polaroid you've used? It looks fantastic!

  4. lovely dreamy shot!brings back many memories!

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