on the way to hogwarts

by julie posted August 11, 2010

on the way to hogwarts
Well, on the way to glenfinnan really but when you take a trip like that, who says you have to behave like an adult and live in the real world? Unfortunately the tourists (I’m scottish, i don’t count) that stick their heads out to get a picture in front of yours tend to bring you back to reality :(

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  1. Gorgeous shot, full of fantasy.

  2. Please make this available as a screensaver or something? I would love to see it every time I opened my laptop! (Is it ok to just 'save' it and do that?)

  3. one for the liking, the very much liking

  4. Oh my, I need to go on this train. Where does it go to/from? Looks amazing!

    • Thanks Suse, it’s the Jacobite train that runs from Fort William to Mallaig in Scotland, and it’s absolutely worth it :D

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