waddling off into the sunset

by julie posted August 6, 2010

waddling off into the sunset
Just after visiting the reindeer (yes OMG reindeer!) we had a quick stop at the shore of loch morlich for a few pictures, and were greeted by a little herd of nearly grown up ducklings, who clearly hadn’t yet developed the sense to stay away from humans – they almost climbed into the car! Mammy duck stood at the sidelines and watched with suspicion as we took a few pics and let them on their way. They made the most amazing tiny little cute baby ducky noises, squeeeee!

4 Responses to waddling off into the sunset

  1. Oh so beautiful! Ducks are so cute! This is such a peaceful photo. Kind of reminds me of the ugly duckling all alone!

  2. S/he looks like they are contemplating a journey!

  3. Oh I love that very mucho.

  4. Oh so lovely! You know this photo suits the name of your blog so very well, the duck really looks like she's gazing off into the distance caught in a daydream :)

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