muddy paws and happy faces

by julie posted March 13, 2012


I finally got to meet Ollie and Mia at the weekend after having followed their antics on twitter for a while now, and they are every bit as cute as I could have imagined! Mia especially seemed to love posing for the camera…


Of course at the start of our walk, she was all fluffy and white and pristine but it wasn’t long before they were both having a right frolic in the muddy puddles, but hey, that’s what dogs do best :)

There were treats brought to bribe them into sitting nice for the camera:

But when there was something tasty on the go, there was no way they were going to pay me and my camera any attention!

I had a fantastic time and came home with fairly muddy paws myself :)

2 Responses to muddy paws and happy faces

  1. The photo of the muddy paws is going on the wall at home. I love it so much.

  2. Beautiful pup portraits, Julie! I really like the first one. Very cool!

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