soft eyes

by julie posted March 6, 2012

I missed a photowalk at the bots a couple of weeks ago, seeing people’s photos from that and finding this shot from a trip I took roundabout this time last year has made me want to head back up there. It’s somewhere I like to go to switch on my ‘soft eyes’*, be quiet, and wander, and let my mind wander too.

*’Soft eyes’ is a concept that I read about a good long time ago and I can’t seem to find a source with a google search, but basically the premise is that by relaxing and not really looking for something in particular, you open yourself up to seeing something different and new.

2 Responses to soft eyes

  1. Soft eyes. I love that concept. OK if I point some people over here?

  2. Very appropriate – soft eyes. I like it! Just going to see what is to be seen with no particular goal.

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