by julie posted January 12, 2012

Some of you may have noticed these pics already, up on the pattern page on Ravelry. And doesn’t the name ‘Phoenix’ suit the fiery red and the ruffled edge of this shawl? It’s so squishy and lovely. We had lots of fun doing “I’m so cosy” poses, and showing off how fab it looks when you wrap it around and get to show off multiple layers of that lovely edge:

I must have been on a colour kick after the bleakness of the dark days of winter because I was just loving the red of the shawl next to this fantastic yellow satchel, doesn’t it just jump out at you?

Anyway, if you’re a crocheter, get thee to ravelry and buy the pattern now ;)

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  2. What a fabulous series! I especially love your first image, the light and the tones are incredibly beautiful.

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