heart of stone

by julie posted January 14, 2012

I was quite happily working on some knitty valentine card shooting, and Louis didn’t like being left out so he took one of my props captive. He’s not been very happy since I pinned a santa hat onto his head at christmas so the least I could do was give him a bit of attention on the blog…

Stay tuned for those cards, too ;)

6 Responses to heart of stone

  1. Oh, that was a cute, little dragon creature. Seems like serious knitting, too, (at least to my in this respect ignorant eyes).

  2. Your stitches are so neat. I has the envy.

  3. That there’s a varmint. I can always tell a varmint.

  4. That wee guys is adorable! Look forward to seeing the cards xo

  5. He is cute and has such a big heart! ;)

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