a perfect match

by julie posted January 11, 2012

I’ve mentioned before how I sometimes struggle with styling and props, and last year I got a chance to spend a wee while with some ladies who are absolute experts at putting together pure eye-candy, in every sense of the word :)

Pearl & Godiva are who you talk to about hiring vintage china and other beautiful stuff for your wedding – or even have the whole thing styled for you!

And then, Iseult of thecakestand.ie can conjure up all sorts of tasty, pretty things to finish the scene perfectly. It’s fairytale stuff.  They managed to transform a tiny, boring cubicle into a corner of pure confection :)

I am such a complete sucker for all of the tiny details:

Now, if only I could have them on hand for all my shoots…

2 Responses to a perfect match

  1. Oh I love the ‘drink me’ tags! Such beautiful photos.

  2. It would be wonderful to have a stylist available for a shoot. I can certainly handle the technical details, but when it comes to the setup, well … :)

    These are lovely in both styling and execution. Your use of selective depth of field, of course, is spot on!

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