a tasty christmas

by julie posted December 10, 2011

This gingerbread house was my solo effort today after a (wine-fuelled) test run last night with Karen where we learned not to break the walls, put it together upside down or touch melted sugar while it’s still hot enough to be in liquid form…

Still, we did a damn good job of the icicles and she made a seriously cute marshmallow snowman:

Look at that wee face! Now i’ve two houses and nowhere to put them, I really need a living room with more surfaces. ..

6 Responses to a tasty christmas

  1. So nice, it would be a shame to eat it.
    Beautiful handywork.

  2. Ahhh,it,s lovely,xxxxx

  3. Ahhhhhhhhhhh it,s lovely xxxx

  4. Love it! They look way too good to eat!

  5. Yumptious (if that’s a word) Really love your use of dof and your processing to give a light airy feel to the shots.

  6. That’s a crazy tasty gingerbread house. True artistry! Nicely photographed, too; I love that Christmas tree bokeh.

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