knitmas – take 2

by julie posted November 22, 2011

It was a particularly lovely sunrise this morning and the sky was clear so I took a quick ten minutes to do a reshoot of my knitmas, with the sun behind the scene and a reflector in front to cancel out the heavy shadows. I changed the angle a bit so that I’d get more snow in the background, too.

I prefer the texture that you can see in this one because of the angle of the light, and the little bit of highlight on the edges of the letters. I’ve pushed the sharpening a bit more than I normally would because it’s going to be printed out small, here’s hoping it’ll look good on paper!

2 Responses to knitmas – take 2

  1. Oh that makes such a difference – the colours are richer, love it!

  2. I got to use some of your cards over Christmas!
    I felt so proud handing over such gorgeousness to the deserving few, getting to add “I know the lady who took those photos”. Basking in reflected glory is still legitimate basking, in my eyes!

    You rock, good lady.

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