for the love of bubbles

by julie posted October 18, 2011

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect of the champagne tour. I’ve been on whisky (& whiskey!) and guinness tours but the process of creating fizzy wine was completely new to me.  Sadly, the whole thing was underground so there was none of that beautiful light I’d been enjoying throughout the holiday so far. We went down into the deep, dark cellars…

There were miles and miles – literally – of cellars, all full of champagne at various stages in life. It’s a high maintenance kind of drink!

I do love a good gauge :) Unfortunately this was lit with a horrid red lamp and I was really pushing the limits of the camera’s high ISO, and my handholding at slow shutter speeds. I can tell you which lets me down first…

But finally, we emerged, blinking, into the daylight and were rewarded with a sample. We were a bit swanky and got a special ticket which allowed us to taste two of the fancier champagnes in their range. One was the Grand Cru which was nicer than any champagne I’ve ever had before, the other was this rosé that I found rather too fruity so ryan had to take care of it. Good job there was no more driving to be done that day…

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  1. Oh, the bubbles in the last shot!

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