by julie posted October 11, 2011

After our visit to the castle on the hill which was slightly damp and cool, we descended back into the valley to discover a bit of a warm day. It’s tempting just to keep on driving when you’ve got a nice breeze keeping the temperature under control but when i saw this spot with the heavily laden vines i had to give the international hand signal for “Stop! I want to take a picture!” – ask for a demonstration next time you see me ;)

But what was even more intriguing was this:

Then i saw buckets and started to realise what was going on…

People were arriving by the carful, and getting stuck in to the picking. I managed to tentatively ask permission to take their picture in very poor french and although i didn’t understand the barrage of words that came in my direction i took it to be a generally positive response, but i was too shy to really get in there although i could easily have spent an hour shooting them.

This’ll have to do though. I’ll never forget it :)

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