drama llama

by julie posted September 27, 2011

I got some funny looks when i said that I’d like to stop at a supermarket, just for a look. I dunno about you, but supermarkets in other countries are fascinating to me. It’s the difference in the everyday stuff that shows you what a place is really about, and generally you find tasty stuff in there too (actually – we found vanilla coke, wtf!?) so it’s a win-win situation.

Anyway we pulled in at a retail park type place and I was quite surprised to see a circus tent with a couple of donkeys, and a llama outside.  I got close enough for a picture, but i think i stayed out of spitting range.


2 Responses to drama llama

  1. Why do I hear the French Taunter voice coming from this aul’ petal? (Also: squeeee!)

  2. Inspired by your plantsy/flowersy comment on twitter, I started wandering back through this place.

    I missed this one first time round. It’s ace. Not so flowery, mind…

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