the white horse and an apple tree

by julie posted September 20, 2011

Well. We weren’t far into the trip and i was already blown away by the countryside and the little villages we had passed through. From château de Carrouges we headed for Saint-Céneri-le-Gérei, which is well deserving of its Les Plus Beaux Villages de France status. It’s particularly tiny and on the day we visited only one of possibly three eating/drinking establishments was open but it just added to the absolute calm of the place.

We wandered around the outside of a church which offered a panoramic view of the village, best seen here (you’ll have to scroll a bit) with a fancy camera that has a proper panoramic thingy so I didn’t even attempt it ;)

Past the church and out towards what looks like just fields, stopping to say hello to a horse or two:

Then we come to a gate and I’m greeted by the sight of a tiny church down a slope covered in lilac flowers. omg. Squee. Etc. I can’t describe my excitement with text on a page. I scrambled about like a mad eejit trying to nail the photo that would let me take a slice of it home, but this is the closest I could get:

Maybe you just have to go see it for yourself… ;)


6 Responses to the white horse and an apple tree

  1. Beautiful photos. I love the French countryside with all those beautiful villages. It seems like you found a real gem there though. The little church photo is fabulous.

  2. Love your photo with the church. Seeing all these pics makes me want to go there ;-)

  3. thanks guys, i can’t wait to go back and explore some more, i really didn’t think it would be as much like my imagination as it turned out to be ;)

  4. I just discovered your blog and I love it. Your photographs capture the beauty of the place.

  5. Looks like this place was made for you. Or maybe you simply made it your own. Beautiful photography Julie.

  6. om de sfeer te proeven en te laten smelten op je tong. . .

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