breaking my heart

by julie posted February 25, 2011

The top image is what came out of the camera when i used the impossible project colour film (I do think they’re onto the next generation of it now, i got this stuff a few months ago) and it breaks my heart a bit every time i use it. I know part of what i love about the polaroid is the unexpected results (not like instagram where you take the picture normally then decide what kind of abuse to apply to it!) but i was happy with what i was getting from the old 600 film, just lovely faded colours and bleached softness. Still, we have to keep going and keep buying this stuff because that’s what’s allowing them to develop and refine the chemistry, so we can have something closer to what we all knew and loved about the original film. Come on, TIP, keep going, before you finish me off completely…!


p.s. no kittens were harmed in the making of this post. I hope.

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