seeing clearly

by julie posted February 24, 2011

My sleep addled brain was very confused to look out the window last week and see – mostly nothing.

The first thought that came was ‘omg snow!’ but then i woke up a bit and realised it was pretty heavy fog. Lots of people might get a bit miffed at that, because it means all the idiotic drivers get even more idiotic, it’s cold because the sun isn’t reaching the ground, and it’s generally a bit dull. But I was delighted and brought my camera to work, hoping that it would last until lunchtime. On the very short trip to the office i even met another photographer and we shared a nod and smile of understanding while the other zombies workers made their way to their desks.

Unfortunately it didn’t last beyond 11, and my hopes of misty tree photos in Phoenix park faded away, but at least a i got this one…

5 Responses to seeing clearly

  1. …and it’s a beauty! A great shot.

  2. This is beautiful (though I would have liked snow).

  3. Wow for having a world of wonders just outside your window and/or workplace

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  5. Lovely moody shot, very nicely composed with the line of the river disappearing out of sight. Nice bit of mystery to it.

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