halloween, elf style

by julie posted October 31, 2010

halloween, elf style
Every year without fail, I reach for my LOTR DVD boxset inserts and ‘The Art of Lord of the Rings’ books for pumpkin carving inspiration… can you tell? ;)

12 Responses to halloween, elf style

  1. Thats fecking brilliant.

  2. Oh wow, that is so very boo-ti-ful! Hope you had fun on Friday?!

  3. super-cool, joolz : )

  4. I suppose you could say this is a cut above your normal pumpkin…

  5. A posher pumpkin I have never seen. Beautiful. That said, I expect nothing less!

  6. That is simply astounding.

  7. Oh! That's just beautiful!

  8. That is gorgeous! So pretty and artistic and … glowey.

  9. That's beautiful art and a nice photo too. Thanks for comment.

  10. The Evenstar and the door to Moria: "Pedo mellon a minno". A warm welcoming light this is.

  11. That's a pretty marvellous carving, with lots of details like the nice depth in the star. You must be the goddess of pumpkin carvers.

  12. Oops, forgot to mention how lovely this one was, both the pumpkin and the photo.

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