open a window

by julie posted October 20, 2010

open a window
Let some fresh air in :)

Somehow in the midst of doing my sofobomo and being out shooting practically every weekend this summer I managed to pass over my photos from Charleville castle (a bunch of us from go every year and stay overnight) and it’s always interesting to see when I come back to them a few months later, if the same ones stand out, and if i find myself changing the processing on them. (The answers, by the way, are no and yes…)

2 Responses to open a window

  1. This one kind of reminds me of the chair you posted a while ago, in that there's a kind of 'everywhereness' about it, it could just as easily be a New York loft or an Irish schoolhouse, and the best bit is imagining what's happening outside the frame (literally in this case).

  2. this is one of those photos where you say: i like it…just because i like it, a lot that is

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