elven heaven

by julie posted June 28, 2010

elven heaven
Wow, I’ve got some catching up to do! I’ve been photoing like a mad thing, but haven’t posted since before the Cork photowalk. We took the boat over to Garinish Island and little did I know what paradise awaited my lenses. Straight through the gates and an italian garden with its shady ‘casita’ draped in wisteria stole my attention and my memory card for quite some time.

Next post, we’ll get to the walled garden and its rambly loveliness. Oh my.

3 Responses to elven heaven

  1. very lovely, captures the place very well

  2. you have such a great photographic eye, this is the kind of image i would never see but you are just so good at it. i'm always trying to capture the whole thing, but you have a great way of capturing just a part that suggests the whole and it's always so poetic & beautiful.

  3. móóóói julie! like a chinese or japanese ink-painting (yet ilnacullin in soft colour)

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