a postcard from the south

by julie posted June 15, 2010

a postcard from the south
Well a square postcard, if such a thing exists! Another weekend, and an official photowalk in County Cork coming up. It’s lovely to have a native to bring me to the best bits of Ireland, and hopefully in a few weeks I’ll be returning the favour on the other side of the water :)

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  1. gorgeous! i hope you're having a great time down there, the weather is picking up now too so hopefully you'll get lots of it on film (or card lol).

  2. Oh Julie. You are a beautiful photographer, really. I just gasp every time I see your images. When are you going to start selling these!

  3. this is beautiful and i am looking forward to the pictures 'that cork native' is going take of your native place. (and yours of course)

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