powerscourt colour

by julie posted November 8, 2011

I particularly had this tree in mind to visit in the Japanese Garden part of the Powerscourt estate, but i don’t think i was prepared for just how amazingly red it would be. There were actualy a few of them, of slightly different varieties – if i was a bit more of a nature geek i could tell you but, well, i’m not, so I’ll just show you:

Co-ordinating handknits!

This is a really truthful representation of the colour of this tree. Seriously.

After that crazy red, I hope you can still enjoy the subtle loveliness of this one against the green background…

There were a few other trees in various shades of red to orange and peach and golden yellows. So, so, pretty.

That’s the selection after I narrowed it down from quite a few more… i almost had to be dragged away!

If you get the chance (and we have another clear day like sunday was) get yourself down there for a look before it’s just bare branches. It’s well worth the trip.


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  1. That’s Japanese maple, a lovely tree with deliciously sensitive leaves. After seeing this post, I like to have one in my own garden, now… You know have to make best use of those low numbers on the lens.

  2. Love Japanese maples – we have one in our front garden! Stunning colours and lovely shots :-)

  3. So nice to come across your work. Feel like we might be kindred spirits! I love your way of capturing images, full of thought and care. These pics are engulfing me with warmth and beauty, looking forward to delving into this site:~)

  4. Very nice.

  5. Ace(r) pic,s :-)

  6. Acers / japanese maples are my all-time favourite tree. We planted four in the front garden of our last house but don’t have any here… yet. You’ve reminded me I need to get on that!
    Beautiful colours.

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