day trippers

by julie posted November 1, 2011

Since I’d already had my visit to glasgow on the way in, i suggested we visit Edinburgh on mum’s birthday, for a change of scenery. We didn’t rush too much and didn’t manage to get through until the afternoon but it was still enough time for a visit to anthropologie (where i could happily have spent a fortune but managed to restrain myself) and K1 yarnshop where I did purchase a skein of purple laceweight by Fyberspates – I had been wanting to get my hands on some of that stuff for aaaaages!

The sun was setting as we headed back to the bus station (last bus back to stirling at 6:15pm, wtf?!) and there was some beautiful wintery light. Unfortunately I was using the x100 and we never really made friends, so I don’t have much to show for it. Lovely wee camera it is, but between just not finding the controls intuitive – I can change most settings on my 5d without having to look at what I’m doing – and the fixed wide lens it’s just not built for me. At least ryan will be relieved that I won’t be borrowing it regularly…

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