by julie posted April 19, 2010

My camera(s) and I are hugely happy to see some things blooming, even though the temperatures are still low and summer seems far away. This shot is courtesy of holga lens in ‘macro mode’ which consists of unscrewing it and holding it in front of the camera. I’m so hi-tech!

4 Responses to colour!

  1. Gorgeous! I'd be too upset to leave the body open to the elements tbh!

  2. ah a nice gust of wind blew off any dust that was hanging around trying to get too friendly with the sensor ;)

  3. One of my favourite flowers to snap. Would never have thought to do that with the holga lens. Going to try it this Saturday. My macro lens is out on loan for a while.

  4. ahw, blauwe druifjes. don't know english name, but when straight translated from dutch it would say 'little blue grapes'. this holga lens works wonders.

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