by julie posted April 9, 2010

As I post this, our friend Danny’s funeral is about to start in Trim. I’m sure there are hundreds of people there, who have turned up to pay tribute to a man who you you can’t deny was one of a kind.

And after the funeral is over, and we all go back about our lives, we’ll be feeling the loss but as time goes on the things we will remember are the ways that he affected us all with his warm, mischievous and spirited nature. We might not be talking about it every day but he’ll always be there with us, when we think of those things.

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  1. an absolutely great crowd gathered for a great man, fantastic words were spoken, and I have no doubt that every one there couldn't help but think of instances, happenings, or just memories of Danny and his influence on them.

    He will be deeply missed by all.

    If I recall correctly this image is an unusual one for you – at a time when you didn't take too many portraits(?)

    Take care.

  2. well remembered Tommy, it was a good long while ago and he gave me a ribbing for 'cheating' by using shallow depth of field, when I claimed I'd actually done a portrait…

  3. your portrait shows danny,
    your words paint a friend.

  4. I think I remember you taking that shot. Was it in Simon's?

    He will always be with us

  5. yep, feels all the more long ago now, things have changed so much.

  6. Beautiful image Julie.

  7. Lovely image Julie and a nice rememberance.

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