quiet times

by julie posted April 7, 2011

(For non-dubliners, that’s the steam from the St James Gate Guinness Storehouse you can see, along with the gravity bar on the far right and the little funny shaped roof on the far left is the tower at the digital hub.)

It’ll be a while until I’m up early enough to see the sunrise again, after the clocks changing for spring. What a difference it makes though, as well as seeing everything coming back to life on the balcony, hearing the birds singing outside, it’s making me think of impending summer and the anticipation of weekends away to west cork, to the burren, a few new places for the photo rally, and hopefully also a trip to france later on in the year. The difference this year is that hopefully we’ll be seeing them on the bike, which makes the journey much more of a part of the holiday itself. It’s exciting :)

With all the blooming and blossoming you’d think i’d be shooting like crazy. But somehow, it’s not happening. Apart from photographing my yarny purchases for my ravelry stash page and my finished knitted projects, I’m not feeling inspired to pick up the camera. I found this post a while ago and saved it to write about here because it struck a nerve, and reminded me why i can’t force myself to shoot something particular – it’s less of a hunting expedition and more of a fishing trip. If that even means anything…! It explains why i struggle to set something up at home, why i love old gardens with nooks and crannies and unexpected details.

But more than that, I’m feeling the photography equivalent of when you eat the whole tub of haagen dasz. Everything seems to have blurred together into a sickly sweet overdose and I need a break from the pastels. Maybe I’ll take a new direction, maybe a rest is as good as a change. I’ll just have to wait and see.

6 Responses to quiet times

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  2. A new direction, eh?

    We await further developments with interest :)

  3. is it possible i feel a touch of mordor here?

  4. Julie, cracking image, that’s one of the best photographs I have seen of the city.

  5. Haven’t been in for a while Julie, but this is a stunning skyline of Dublin. Love the lights in the windows and the colour in the sky.

  6. Lovely pic. My 11 year old daughter took one look at this pic and said it reminded her of the chimney sweep rooftop scene in Mary Poppins. So it does. And I hope you agree that it’s a great compliment.

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