by julie posted March 26, 2011

Yup, sorry, more knitting I’m afraid. I couldn’t help myself, since i just managed to do something that’s been bugging me for weeks since i started doing the twisted stitches on this shawl. It was way too fiddly to use a cable needle for a two stitch bavarian twist, and i’m just not into doing that thing where you cable without a cable needle and leave your stitch hanging there, helpless, until you pick it back up again. So i was a very happy bunny when i found a method that allows me to work the twist with no cable needle and no helpless flailing stitches, yay! This is my little sample i used to test it out, and those are all my notes scrawled over the pattern in the background ;)

It reminds me why i love knitting. There’s no other area of my life where i really challenge myself, and when something looks difficult i just go for it, because i know it can be done, and the instructions are out there, and you just have to start at the start and work your way through a step at a time. The sense of satisfaction when it actually works is what makes it all worthwhile.It may not seem like much to someone who doesn’t knit i suppose, but i can live with that.

It’s a bit like coding, but with slightly less time in front of a monitor :D

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  1. happiness is… an absorbing occupation that is not so easy it bores you and not so hard that you can’t do it, and that continues to present new challenges as you get better.

    sound familiar? :D

  2. Knitting and coding, that was an interesting comparison I never seen before. I wonder where the word software originates from, when I’m thinking about it… :)

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