fun is:

by julie posted February 26, 2010

fun is:
I was sitting here trying to put into words the feeling that i got when i was in the zone, discovering all these scenes within the branches of a very ordinary shrub by slicing through them with the plane of focus, and i chuckled when i remembered this post by Paul Butzi and thought better of it. So instead i’ll say: i had fun.

6 Responses to fun is:

  1. So dreamy. Lovely & soft image Julie.

  2. julieous!

  3. There's something kind of sad about this one. Looks like a little tear coming from the shrub.

  4. I just love this shot… it's wintery and bare but at the same time the pinkish makes it feel so warm.

  5. Lovely shot Julie :-)

  6. there's something very touching in this shot julie, a sense of solace almost. i love how light it is :)

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