a quiet spot

by julie posted February 25, 2010

a quiet spot
There were a couple of us floating around in the hotel on sunday morning after the ridiculous 9.30 breakfast, so we headed out to bective abbey, and i had a wee shot of the sx70.

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  1. I took virtually the same shot in digital http://pix.ie/nonsequitir/1519599/in/album/369546 but find it incredible how a different format can create an entirely different scene and feel. Really like this!

  2. Yep, it's pretty mad alright. I never know what on earth I'll get with that thing, which is half the fun :)

  3. i love your polaroids! again the light in this is what really makes it for me, it brings a sense of mystery into this shot, i feel almost like it's a glimpse into the past if that doesn't sound too bizarre!

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