a yearly occurrence

by julie posted February 14, 2011


It’s not for a wee while yet, it’ll be running in July-august this year, but someone mentioned it at the weekend and when I had a bit of a dig around to find all my posts about it, i realised that i never actually blogged about last year’s effort – or even posted it here.

I’ve joined in for the three years that it’s been running now, and especially if you don’t have any other projects on the go it’s a great thing to do for your photography. Quite often people aren’t used to working with sets of images, or along a theme of some sort, and by having such a short timeframe with relatively few restictions, SoFoBoMo is an excellent basis on which to try it out.

So, for now I’ve created a quick page that has my three completed projects so far, plus a link to all my posts about sofobomo. I hope to write another post about the last one since i didn’t do that already, and maybe add a bit more info to the main page too.

Hope to see you joining in this year :)

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  1. I didn’t participate last year, but it would sure be fun to make another round this year. July, August actually fits in rather nicely in my summer plans.

  2. I liked your last year’s book. Something as good as that shouldn’t be kept on a hard drive, so I’m happy you published it here. It’s something with your way of washing your motives in oceans of light, yet keeping enough detail and colour, it’s so darn good it hurts. :-)

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