not enough hours in the day

by julie posted February 10, 2010

not enough hours in the day
It’s been rather quiet round here, mostly because I’ve not been out with the camera much. Just a slump that will pass, in time, but I’ve also been busy on a few projects. went live last week and has had a fantastic response from loads of local (and not so local) photographers, and I’ve also mostly been knitting. But anyway, to take advantage of the lull in new pictures, here’s a scan of one of my polaroids from NY, spurred on by the suggestion by Jennifer to \”embrace the quirks\” :D

6 Responses to not enough hours in the day

  1. That's just like a massive pocket watch :) So evocative..

  2. ooooh! really like.

  3. Glad you like :) It reminded me of alice in wonderland with the rabbit and his pocket watch…

  4. Yay! So glad you're putting this stuff up. Love it. Looks like it could have been taken in the 1950s in NY.

  5. Classy shot, lovely

  6. love the quaint and quirky

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