an ordinary day

by julie posted February 5, 2010

an ordinary day
I’ve actually taken this photo in my head hundreds of times over, waiting for the luas in the morning at Heuston. But today it occurred to me that I actually had a camera with me – in my new phone – and people wouldn’t pay any attention if I took a picture with that, rather than my rather more obvious 5d. So, I sneakily snapped away, and here it is. I’m quite chuffed!

4 Responses to an ordinary day

  1. Wow, I am stunned that you took such a lovely shot on a PHONE!

  2. better leave out the 'quite'. even the little bit of sneakiness is caught.

  3. eimaree: first rule of photography, it's not the camera that counts!!!
    aafke: thank you, as always. I appreciate your visits.

  4. I think I like just about everything about this shot.

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