a little project

by julie posted October 12, 2009

a little project
So I have a few pictures of flowers that I think are kind of nice, and a few people have said to me about etsy, and I’m thinking it’s time to do something. I’ve been slaving away over a hot printer (and cutting mat) and hopefully will come up with a couple of things to put in a shop in the next few days. Also, if I’m lucky I’ll get a stall at the next Craftymarket on November 1st! Exciting stuff!

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  1. this is beautiful, i love the faded colours very much. i think you'd be a good candidate for etsy, i think that the photography that sells best there is the more unusal & beautiful stuff and i think your work will fit right in :) give me a shout if you open a shop so i can write a little blog post about it!

  2. Aww ta :) I hope so! How are you getting on with it? Do you have to spend loads of time trying to promote it?

  3. Good luck with your project!

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