on the periphery of consciousness

by julie posted October 1, 2009

on the periphery of consciousness
at the recent cork photowalk i had the pleasure of meeting rudy of rjphoto.com and we had a fantastic wander round the docks with our cameras (i brought out the holga lens after its wee hibernation and he had a batcamera, a squishy camera, and a holga pinhole), and we had a good long chat about alternative photography and its relation to unreality and dreams, about writing non-pretentious artist statements (do let me know if you ever succeed!) and the implications of shooting for a series, or theme, and about why we share our work and what we want to get out of that. It stirred up a lot of thoughts that had been lying dormant and now i feel like i’m on the edge of moving into a new phase of some sort, regarding my photography. So yeah, that was cool.

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  1. Loads of birdies :)

  2. beautiful photography

  3. Seriously, you're rocking that lens. Love it.

  4. julie thanks so much for your comment on my blog! i had no idea it was possible to buy a holga lens for digital cameras and i'm instantly intrigued!! i love this shot that you've taken with it, it has a beautiful sense of peace, serenity and simplicitly.

    and thanks for your advice about the polaroid and tlr stuff too, i didn't know it was that cheap to shoot with tlrs, for some reason i assumed the film would be more expensive. a girl at work actually gave me the loan of her own polaroid camera during the week to try it out, so i'm going to give it a shot for the moment and see how it turns out :) very excited about it!

    funnily enough i wrote about a similar topic to what you've written here just a little while ago. we must be in the same frame of mind at the moment! i too am attracted the dream-like images that have unusual beauty and am not looking for precision. and yeah writing about it made me feel a bit pretentious but i felt it was worth getting the thoughts out there lol.

    i think i'll call over to check out rjphoto.com now, i've no idea what a batcamera is and i really want to find out lol.

  5. I want to steal this for my "Homebirds" series. Fab.

  6. Tommie, it's possibly no coincidence that I was telling Rudy about your Homebirds stuff just before I took this… ;)

  7. For me, this is the vibe of the day…very cool..

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