a new abode

by julie posted January 24, 2011

Come in, come in, have a seat, and take a look around.

I’ve moved to wordpress, because i used to write quite a lot of stuff about photography before switching to an image based blog and i always had it in the back of my mind to pull the two together somehow.

I managed to pull in my pixelpost stuff pretty painlessly using an excellent little plugin from eleventwentysix. You have to donate a few quid to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society for the privilege of using it, but it was so handy i reckon it was worth it – all my pictures and your lovely comments are intact.

So now you’ll find lots of waffling from the old days under the thoughts tag, although to be honest it was a long time ago and things – life, my situation, my opinions – may have changed since i wrote it all. But I reckon it’s worth leaving up there anyway, even if it prompts a sliver of a thought in someone else, that’s a good thing.

I’ve also added a nifty little etsy widget on the shop page, where i hope to add a few more prints and cards and stuff like that as i get braver throughout the year.

If you fancy spending a couple of hours looking at other photoblogs, reading about photography, and indeed reading about knitting, crochet and other fibre fun things, there’s a little links list courtesy of google reader that you can use as a plain old links list, or handily import into your own google reader setup if you’re so inclined. You can also add this blog to google reader using the RSS link at the bottom of the page, or you can use the bloglovin shortcut, if you like that as an aggregator.

Other new things are the ‘tweet this’ and ‘pin this’ links under each posts – the first one should be self explanatory if you tweet, the second one is for pinterest. If you aren’t on pinterest yet, why not? If you like collecting lovely pictures of lovely stuff on t’internet, it’s the best way to go about it, and to see what other people are pinning too. My boards are here – but beware: pretty overload :)

p.s. this photo was taken at the beautiful tankardstown house just before christmas, all dressed up for a beautiful winter wedding.

11 Responses to a new abode

  1. Congrats on the new abode and welcome (back?) to WordPress!

    Great to see more people writing and photoblogging at the same time… I look forward to reading your words and (as always) viewing your images!

  2. Liking the new house very much indeed, and, like Ronan, looking forward to the words as well as the pictures :)

  3. cheers Ronan, with a bit of help from yourself on the theme, too ;)

  4. Looks good around here to me, nice and comfy. Best of luck here.

    I’ve been looking at wordpress, if i do decide to make the jump from pixelpost that plugin will be handy, nice find and a good cause too.

  5. Thanks for the warm welcome, hope you’ll be happy in your new ‘thuis’

  6. I like what you’ve done with the place. I’m looking forward to reading as well as gazing happily.

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  8. it’s good to see the site back up, i had missed the photos and ramblings! Things have changed so much(improving each step) since I first came across your flickr photo stream many moons ago. Welcome back :)

  9. Good news, seeing you have moved on to wordpress! From what I remember you wrote about on that other internet place of yours that’s now is asleep, I quite enjoyed it. Happy blogging and cheers!

  10. Hi there Julie. Forgive me, it’s been way too long since I’ve visited your virtual home. Loving the new WP site. I’ve been in Tankardstown House a few times. Wonderful place & the front garden is lovely.

  11. Love your new casa, congrats! And I LOVE that you have a ‘pin this’ link :) I also want to jump into that shot.

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