bright lights, big city

by julie posted September 21, 2009

bright lights, big city
i possibly took as many pictures of cabs as i did of buildings, they are so iconic i couldn’t help myself. lives may have been put in danger with me trying to take panning shots instead of actually crossing the road, though…

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  1. Thanks……

  2. I was sure I commented on this….jazus I'm cracking up….

    Brilliant Julie! What I like most is how we can see the whole picture without scrolling ;-P :-)

  3. hmmm, it picked up your first one as spam :/ the good news is, you're not cracking up :)

  4. My first comment here! I must say I like this photoblog much more than you other one, this one seems more alive. :-)
    Really good panning and colours so crazy I would like to taste them. But, what I like most is the pose of the driver, seemingly driving furiously through the crossing. (He was probably only bending for a better view, though…) :-)

  5. Thanks Ove, I do tend to post here nearly daily, it takes a lot less energy than a wordy post over at the other blog… ;)

  6. bloody hell, that one came out very well! :)

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