by julie posted January 28, 2008

I’ve been ticking over my mind in the background about something to concentrate on as a project for SoFoBoMo in April. I was concerned that 35 images of what, in all likelihood, would end up being flowers may get a little repetitive rather than cohesive. I also cringed at the prospect of having to apply similar processing to all images since I tend to react to each individually when I’m working on them.

Then, during the week a friend told me about a project in which he wants to investigate the possibility of communicating with images. He started a flickr group where we are, still tentatively, playing a sort of ping pong with pictures. As I searched for something to post in reply to a beautiful papery-petaled-ghostly-white-flower-on-black image and ended up finding an instinctive response in something entirely more vibrant, I wondered about how, in the space of only three pictures we went from creepy to ghostly to vibrant.

I do have a memory of a flicker of a thought I had last week about progress, and hadn’t managed to grasp it and make it into anything substantial. I had previously thought of documenting progress on a larger scale in terms of time – in the sense of exploring growing things, after being inspired by a) the hints of new life at the Botanic Gardens and b) Jamie Oliver’s garden (yes… again!) and was determined to make it a year long project on whatever I could coax into life on my balcony in a pot! But now, I’m thinking of something growing, but more in the sense of being reactionary, developing, organic in a different way. And something that’s on a short enough time-frame to work on for SoFoBoMo.

Straying from the idea of a strict visual theme is also the gist of this post on 40 Watt, which helped the thought process along a little. Feels like my eyes and mind have been opened to a whole new realm of possibility…

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