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by julie posted May 4, 2007

It’s something that everyone does – complain that you don’t have access to anywhere nearby to take good pictures.

I used to get frustrated in Glasgow, thinking I’d rather be in the highlands with all those gorgeous landscapes. People here in Dublin complain they don’t have a car to get out into the countryside. But I don’t think you necessarily need to be out in the wilderness to find good pictures, and I don’t think that you”’re stuck with an ‘urban decay’ theme if you”’re in the city, either…

My own favourite spots in the city, which are by no means secret but you might just find that you hadn’t thought to take a camera along to would be:

is it bad that I can't think of a title?
Trinity College – for architectural details, and at the moment some really lovely blossom on the trees too.

here there be treasure
Iveagh Gardens – for when Stephens Green is too busy, lovely fountains, a maze hedge, a tree stump (!) and secret little foresty type walks, all two minutes from Grafton Street!

tulip in stephens green
Stephens Green – great tulips just now, and there is also a lovely little bandstand which is surrounded by blossom heavy trees…

eye eye, cap'n
Docklands/IFSC area – mostly when there is a festival on, especially the Maritime one in June.

War Memorial gardens, Kilmainham – a bit bleak in the winter but there will be loads of roses there in a couple of months.

feathery - green
Botanic Gardens – Should be at the top of my list. Macro heaven!

locked away
Glasnevin Cemetery – up the back for the really old stuff, lots of little details to be found, over on the side next to the botanics there are also some lovely little gothic arched windows, beautifully carved calligraphy, and some serious ivy action…

local wildlife
Phoenix Park – There are deer, and lots and lots and lots of trees!

Dublin Castle – the least castle-like castle that I’ve EVER seen, but there are so many little gardens and nooks and crannies to explore.

three brown bottles, hanging on the wall
Guinness Storehouse, St James Gate area – Both inside and out – you’ve got cobbled streets, big menacing dirty old buildings, and all sorts of guinness paraphernalia.

almost out
Kilmainham Gaol – More than you’d think to photograph, just as long as you have a fast lens and high ISO!

That’s not to mention the actual city centre itself with all the buildings and bridges and people and monuments and life… there’s so much to get out and shoot. Don’t waste your day in front of the internet!

…well of course – except for reading my blog ;)

4 Responses to favourite haunts

  1. I agree completely. I’ve always been of the mind that photographers need to spend more time near their homes and less time traveling to exotic destinations to shoot the same images they can buy on a gift shop postcard. I live in what is probably the least respected and most passed by section of the U.S., but still manage to pull out a decent pic, or two, every once in a while. I may have to work a bit harder that I would if I were in the mountains, but it’s worth the effort.

  2. I love your modesty Chuck – “pull out a decent pic or two” makes it sound like snapshots, but I think you’re in a slightly different league!

    Thanks for the comment. I’ve seen you round the other ‘thinking photographer’ blogs, haven’t I?


  3. Yep, probably…I’ve been trying to expand my horizons a bit, so have started visiting the handful of interesting and relevant blogs I have found. The “thinking photographer blogs”, as you so accurately wrote :)

    I actually found your site through one of those others, but forget which. Oh well, I like the way you think and the way you shoot, so I’ll stick around to read those words of wisdom.


  4. Would that I were one for words, Julie, I’ll say that I’m always impressed at what you’re able to manage with a 350D, a nifty fifty and some macro tube extenders.

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