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by julie posted April 28, 2007

I recently had Brooks Jensen’s podcasts brought to my attention, and I’ve been working my way through the archives. It’s handy to be able to free up your eyes from reading, and your hand from scrolling, to listen, and think about what he’s saying. You can put them on while you”’re doing something mindless – far more interesting that what’s likely to be on TV, I think. My personal favourites so far have been:

LW0338: Photography as a Personally Expressive Art

LW0325: Making Dark

LW0318: My Philosophy of Art In a Nutshell

LW0317: Finding the Time to Create

While I think that my photography is particularly amateurish and distinctly ‘low brow’ compared to what guys like Brooks consider to be great photography, I think that the philosophy he discusses is equally applicable to my nature macros, or snapshots of keyholes, as it is to the generally accepted ‘greats’ of today. I might not be producing something so profound, but it’s as much about the process as the final result, because after all, I don’t have my walls filled with my prints. But, that’s a whole post for another day… ;)

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  1. it’s about bloody time you started a blog…

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