Pumpkins, 2013

by julie posted October 28, 2013

I haven’t much to say really except here’s this year’s effort! Things are upside down with an imminent move to Cork and plenty of work to keep me busy, but I was determined not to let the pumpkin carving slip… I had grand intentions of doing something more elaborate but came back to the swirly florals again. I did do a bonus pumpkin with something a bit different though:

I haven’t a notion where the inspiration for this one came from, apart from seeing some fancy paper with that pattern on it and thinking it reminded me of the sea. Maybe I’ll try lino prints one day, but I quite like the impermanence of the pumpkin that gives you the freedom to try something knowing that in a week or so it’ll be gone anyway…

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  1. That looks pretty darn elaborate to me! :) If I carved a pumpkin, it’d be lucky to have some simple triangles for eyes and a jagged mouth! :D

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