the little things

by julie posted January 4, 2011

the little things
Well here we are, 2011, and although i think that a fresh start can be had on any day of any month and not just the 1st of january, it is still nice to think about making the best of the year to come.

For me, happiness is in the little things – drinking hot chocolate from your his-n-hers mugs, or a sunday morning cappuccino, an episode of legend of the seeker and a few rows of knitting with some lovely mmmmmalabrigo yarn :)

6 Responses to the little things

  1. You really are obsessed with the yummmmy mmmmmmmalabrigo!

  2. sure, can you blame me? :D

  3. Richard and mmmmmalabrigo *sigh*

  4. This entire image is chocolate-flavoured! Lovely.

  5. Looked up the malabrigo last night and ondered about which colour… now i know.

  6. Mmmmm, chocolate! I agree with all including what I don't know anything about.
    It's almost that the sound of the shutter would spoil such a moment. Almost. Not that it does. Ever.

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