tasty fun

by julie posted December 19, 2010

tasty fun
The problem with decorating a gingerbread house as an adult is that you’re now supposed to be the responsible one who doesn’t let you eat all the decorations. Fail.

6 Responses to tasty fun

  1. Oh! So pretty! Enjoy the sugar comedown…

  2. {Siobhan} like this very much. :D

  3. Gorgeous. Beautiful photo too, would love this as a Christmas card.

  4. You know this is sweet and pretty and lovely and it shows the love, craft and skill you put into the making. Sharing this winterwonderland-picture is the ultimate icing. Prachtig !

  5. It's all brilliant, but I especially love the icing-icles!

  6. zoe is literally whining at the sight of this : D

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